Instellar Indonesia

Accelerating Social Innovation

Instellar is a purpose-driven company supporting social enterprises to grow their businesses and boost their impact. We are accelerating social innovation in organizations, and working together towards scalable and sustainable social impact through incubation, consultancy, and investment in other mission-driven companies. Instellar has been working in different projects and programs since 2014, and playing the role of a catalyst, connector, and community platform to develop an ecosystem for mission-driven business and social enterprise in Indonesia.

We strongly holds the values of being impactful, entrepreneurial, fair, collaborative, and cool in delivering
our programs and services.

Our Roles


Provides support in business development as well as personal development through incubation and accelerator programs


Connects Social Enterprises with stakeholders and appropriate financing mechanism through networking and community events


Improving the business process and impact implementation for social enterprises through advisory services

Impact Reach







Philosophy behind the name INSTELLAR: According to science, our universe keeps on expanding. When scientists tried to identify the center of the universe from which this expansion spreads, they found a remarkable fact: anywhere in the universe is a point of expansion. In another word, each of us is the center of universe. Each of us has the potential to expand the universe. Each of us has the energy to create our ever expanding universe. Hence, INSTELLAR.