ARISE 2019

(Awaken & Rediscover Indonesian Social Enterprise)

Sign Up Thu, 10 Oct 2019
8AM - 4PM
Jakarta Design Center, Jakarta


With the rise of hustle culture, the glorification of burnout and overwork are ubiquitous throughout the industry including startup and social enterprise landscape. Finding grants and acquiring loans, balancing the sheets and maintaining beneficiaries, iterating both business and impacts model. The danger of burnout and overwork glorification might cost us our wellbeing. Highlighting the importance of mission, meaning, money, we are truly challenged to find the zen in being well and doing well.



12.45 – 13.00 OPENING


  • Suzy Hutomo – Commisioner The Body Shop Indonesia
  • Romy Cahyadi – CEO Instellar Indonesia
  • Bagia A. Saputra,- Human Resources Director at The Golden Space Indonesia

14.00 – 16.00 DEMO DAY RISE INC. STAR  (TOP 11 Social Enterprises from Cohort 6 & 7)

  • Kevin Moon – Head of Social Enterprise Investment, Lonsdale Social Innovation Capital
  • Burhan Solihin – Direktur Eksekutif
  • Hanifah – Kepala Sub Direktorat Dana Masyarakat, Deputi Akses Permodalan BEKRAF

16.00 – 16.15 CLOSING

*To be confirmed

About Demo Day Rise Inc. Stars 6 & 7

Instellar believes the keys to create a sustainable social enterprise are 1) The right people and 2) An excellent sense of social and business. Therefore, Instellar is trying to support potential early stage of Indonesian social enterprises to succeed through Instellar incubation program, namely RISE Inc. (Rich and Impactful Social Enterprise Incubation). Currently, Instellar has completed 6 months program of RISE Inc. Stars 6 in late 2018 and 7 just this July for 33 social enterprises. Instellar intensively assisted them to set prospective business plans and advance their business platform. Now, Instellar provides a forum for those TOP 11 social enterprises from cohort 6 and 7, to introduce their businesses. The audiences are welcome to engage with them and experience their journey as a source of learning about the current condition of social enterprises in Indonesia.


ARISE (Awaken & Rediscover Indonesian Social Enterprises) is Instellar’s annual event where we introduce our social enterprises who already graduated from the Rise Inc. program. At ARISE, the social enterprises not only focusing on pitching to the investors or funders but also emphasizing on introducing their organizations along with the services and products to the public to increase awareness. Featuring discussion panels by stakeholders such as private sector, government, intermediaries, social enterprises, associations and other relevant stakeholders in the social enterprise sector in Indonesia and in the South East Asia region.

First ARISE was held in Jakarta on May 18, 2017 with more than 250 participants not only from Jakarta, but also from other cities of Indonesia, and several international participants as well. Around 65% of the participants are social enterprises from all over Indonesia, 20% from the non-profits sector, 7,5% from educational institution, 6,3% corporate and private sector, and 1,2% from other sectors.

In the next year, ARISE was held in Jakarta on April 26, 2018 with more than 300 participants both from Indonesia and International attendees. Around 60% of the participants are social enterprises from all over Indonesia, 21% from the non-profits sector, 9% from educational institution, 8,2% corporate and private sector, and 1,8% from other sectors.

We aim to make ARISE as the leading social enterprise festival in Indonesia where every social enterprise enthusiast can experience & explore the social enterprise scene in Indonesia, and engage one another to create a collaborative and collective action for social enterprise ecosystem in Indonesia.

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