3 Months Mentoring with the expertise (January - March 2018).



is led by a woman and assisted by her husband. Rahsa has 11 employees, 8 of whom are women. Rahsa produces traditional Indonesian drinks made with natural ingredients and environmentally friendly. Rahsa upholds the value of local wisdom in every region in Indonesia. Rahsa Nusantara obtained its organic spices directly from organic herb farmers at a fair price. In addition, Rahsa has been processing the production waste into fertilizer that can be reused for nature so it can be a sustainable business for the environment.

Led by 2 women who are social entrepreneurs committed to providing food with the concept of farm-to-table salad and homemade dressing. Serasa employees are currently 17 people, 11 of whom are women. "Serasa" that means "one taste" is present because of passion and aims to encourage people to eat more vegetables. They believe that changing eating habits with better habits through eating salads is an option for a healthier life.

A women entrepreneur is starting her business with the conscious intention to provide healthier choices of food for the society. She started a social enterprise in producing healthy vegetables without chemical pesticides, and also healthy fish. She develops aquaponic and hydroponic techniques that utilize the narrow land.


Rahsa Nusantara

  1. Edwin Aldrin Tan
  2. Bayu Asmara
  3. Pribadi Prananta

Serasa Salad

  1. Stephanie Hermawan
  2. Pandu Truhandito
  3. Benyamin Ruslan Naba

Srikandi Farm

  1. Emilia Tri Setyowati
  2. Rahma Utami
  3. Shirley Pranoto
  4. Kazuya Nurhamid
  5. Frank Silitonga


  1. Indro Surono