Rise Inc. Product Development Strategy Workshop

Sign Up Wed, 21 Feb 2018
9 AM - 5 PM
Menara by KIBAR

Social enterprises are intended to solve some problems related to social and environmental issues. All social enterprises are built based on good intentions and ideas. Nevertheless, many emerging social enterprises do not have sufficient knowledge in terms of producing a product that fits both their beneficiaries and customers/users. Mastery of the product development is essential for all ventures that want to set up.

Thus, it is important for all social entrepreneurs to know how to create and sell their products effectively. Understanding priorities and focus to it will be the advantage for every social entrepreneur to plan their product development. It is the reason why they should not only have a basic knowledge of goal-setting but also how to measure and monitor their long/short-term objectives. Furthermore, a proper planning is required to create a suitable product/service. Design Thinking session will help the participants to have a good sense of their user-specific needs.

Product Development Strategy Workshop would be beneficial for Social Enterprises to redesign their product and define the strategy to make a sustainable product or create a new innovation to their business line.

The goal of this workshop is to help social enterprises to:
– Set, measure, and monitor their goals by using Objective Key Result (OKR) tools
– Understand Design Thinking approach to create and evaluate their products/services,
– Understand the Product Life Cycle stages to create a product development plan to their own product/services.

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