Strengthening the Innovation Ecosystem in East Java for Improved Public Services through Business Planning for Social Impact

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A Collaboration between KOMPAK, Saraswati, Impact Hub, Instellar, KIBAR and TRANSFORMASI.

Saraswati aims to promote the innovation ecosystem in East Java through cross-sectoral collaboration in developing and piloting business planning for social impact.
The objective is to co-design more comprehensive operational prototypes with a focus on improved public services, and also promote more rigorous financial planning in support of these —business planning for social enterprises and start-ups and financial resilience for NGOs and local governments. Specifically, the focus will be on supporting the following:

• Health care (including nutrition and stunting, maternal mortality, and child mortality);
• Legal identity;
• Economic empowerment (especially for women and other vulnerable groups)

This process will involve local governments, private sector (including social enterprises), and NGOs as well as the key institutions and development partners that support them. This approach promotes collaboration while also acknowledging the specific incentives and approaches of each participating institution.
The proposed business planning for social impact boot camp will not focus on generating new ideas or prototypes, but rather on further developing the most viable existing prototypes (determined by the collaborating partners) to the point where they are in a stronger position to leverage future funding. This strategy acknowledges that good ideas already exist, but will support partners to design better—and in collaboration with a broader range of potential partners —for sustainability. This will be executed through four key activities:

Co-design workshop. Saraswati acknowledges that all partners have their own training resources and approaches (curriculum, facilitators, etc). We will conduct a half-day expert discussion in Jakarta where partners can share their relevant curricula, best practices, and experience in conducting trainings for social enterprises and public services initiatives – and collaboratively plan for development of a Business Planning for Social Impact curriculum.
Start-up weekend. Saraswati will collaborate with Kibar, Impact Hub, and Techstars to organise a 54-hour workshop on ideation, validation, and pitching ideas for start-ups. This event is an opportunity to engage with potential start-ups that work on health, legal identity, or economic empowerment—with the possibility of inviting the best among them to attend our bootcamp.

We propose to provide a one-day training for ten facilitators from among these networks (proposed by each of the partners)—grouped in teams of two, ensuring that each group contains one university and one non-university partner—to support future trainings in support of innovative design and Business Planning for Social Impact as well as provide ongoing mentoring to our local partners. These trainers will also play an active role in conducting the proposed boot camp.

Boot camp. Saraswati proposes to conduct the two-day boot camp in Surabaya at the end of May 2018. Saraswati together with all implementing partners will select five local government initiatives, five social enterprises or private companies focusing on social relevant impact, and five civil society organizations—each to be represented by two participants. This will be confirmed during curriculum co-design. The boot camp will broadly focus on the following:
• Introduction to innovating for social impact and examples of best practices.
• Facilitated co-design session based on each partners’ strengths and interests.

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