How To Find Your Life Purpose and Understanding Yourself

“The search for purpose and meaning is fundamentally human; the uniting trait of our species.”  ― Zach Mercurio

On 22nd – 24th January 2019, Instellar held the first workshop for Rise Inc.7 titled Impactful Leadership Workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to nurture leadership both on a personal and interpersonal level. The personal and organizational leadership session will explore the potential of collective leadership as an alternative for the more typical hierarchical leadership.

Ali Zaenal Abidin with the participants

Becoming a purpose-driven leader is, for many leaders are a new approach to leadership.  There is research from Dan Ariely, Simon Sinek, Daniel Pink, Karl Weick shows that if we can find purpose in our work or personal life, we have direct access to one of the strongest motivational factors, making us capable of accomplishing the most ­amazing things and handling even the most challenging situations. That’s why on the first day of the workshop was filled with material about Understanding Yourself and Life Purpose by Ali Zaenal Abidin, co-founder of I’m On My Way. He taught the participants how to discover your life purpose and live it consistently. He said being a purpose-driven leader is different from being a leader with a life purpose. A purpose is not about target sales or money but doing what you love while being a leader for your company and employees. Purpose makes us stronger and motivated and the ability to handle the challenging situation is the major quality of a leader.

Ali Zaenal Abidin shared how to find your life purpose:

  • Make sure to understand our purpose and understand about life purpose.
  • Gain clarity by keep doing what you love.
  • And finally discover our purpose.
Ali Zaenal Abidin

In addition, in the next session, we also invited one of the Rise Inc.’s alumni from Tanijoy, and two founders of other startups, from MyClinicalPro, and from TemanDokter to share their Personal Struggle in Finding Purpose.

Co-founder of Tanijoy, MyClinicalPro, TemanDokter and the participants

On the second day of the workshop, Nuniek Tirta as a certified MBTI Trainer filled the sharing session about Introduction to MBTI. MBTI is the Myers-Briggs type indicator; the most widely used personality inventory in the world. Information from personality tests helps people better understand their strengths, weaknesses and the way they perceive and process information. She taught all the participants to understand the internal or external conflicts they had with other people because of the differences in ways of seeing something or problem.

Nuniek Tirta via Skype

After the lunch break, the participants engaged in a team dynamic session. This activity aims to show their social interaction style.

Team Dynamic Session

In the last session, Dewi Meisari as co-founder UKM Indonesia shared about Understanding Social Enterprise. She also mentioned what kind of types and criteria of social enterprises, and how we build a business model of social enterprise

Dewi Meisar (center) and the participants

By: Beby Karina