Rise Inc (Rich and Impactful Social Enterprise Incubation)

6-month incubation program to grow potential early stage social enterprises in Indonesia.


Educate yourself in a series of workshops covering impact and business topics to elevate the impact of your companies.


Connect with experts from different fields to broaden your perspective in solving the problem of your business through a 1-on-1 deep mentoring session.

Demo Day

Strive to be among selected participants and let the world know about your impactful business.

Our Approach

Personal development
Identify and unleash your personal strengths to become the foundation of creating an impactful business. Learn how your personal attributes can optimize your business strategy and connect with fellow social entrepreneurs to build a supportive ecosystem.

Business knowledge & skills
Gain valuable learning opportunities through workshops and mentoring that cover material to improve your business such as Impact Leadership, Design Thinking, Effective Marketing, Finance, and Funding for social enterprise.

Access to finance & market
Get to know the network of accessing funds to optimize the capital of your social enterprise. Learn how to effectively target the market, engage with the customers and be the market leader. Exclusively get the opportunity to access potential funding from partners of Instellar.


An early-stage social enterprise with:

Social Impact


Business Model

Solid Team


Participant will have a workshop of:

Impact Leadership

Get to know the foundation of creating an impactful business by optimizing your personal strengths and learn some approaches to plan and measure your intended impact. Understand how to define targeted social problem to be solved and plan measurable impact.

Design Thinking for the Greater Good

Solve problems and develop products based on design thinking framework which focuses on humans. This workshop will make you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your existing product, as well as knowing Product Life Cycle stages which will help you develop products accordingly.

Effective Marketing for Social Enterprise

Learn how to create an effective marketing plan especially suited for social enterprise. In this workshop, you will learn the needs to identify appropriate customer segments, understand customer well, know-how to reach them and package a compelling value proposition

Basic Finance for Non-Finance Founders

Equip yourself with the knowledge of basic financial statement and financial plan, understanding how the flow of money relates to the most important aspect in business

The Right Funding for Social Enterprise

Get to know the overview of sources of finance for new and growing social enterprises, what different types of funders and things need to be prepared before meeting the funders. In this workshop, you will also learn about constructive ways to develop the business plan and transform it into essential slides for effective pitch.



social enterprises incubated


mentors involved


beneficiaries impacted

Profile of Social Enterprises


Impact Reach

Post-program Opportunities

Financial Access

  • Grant (Ashmore Foundation)
  • Soft loan (Beautiful Store)
  • Seed fund (ANGIN)


  • DBS-NUS SVC Asia
  • Asia Social Innovation Award
  • NextDev

Business Model

  • Remake City, Jakarta
  • Village Capital
  • Mentoring Women for Business Programme

Social Enterprise Development (SEED) MAP

LEVEL 1 Problem spotted; first idea of solution Idea No customer and user No revenues Founder(s); no formal structure
LEVEL 2 Social or environmental mission idea well developed, tied to the business model Prototype (functional) First customer and user First revenue, not covering all the costs Founder(s) + small team with basic skills for running business; unclear organizational structure
LEVEL 3 Impact tied to the business model and measured Saleable product Stable number of customer and reaching out to attract more customer Revenue covering the costs, not yet generating positive cash-flow Founder(s) + small team with professional skills on finance, operations, and marketing; basic organizational structure
LEVEL 4 ProblemPotential for a system-level change Product with good brand Competitiveness; readiness for market growth Profitable and generating cash Bigger team with professional skills; core management team works full-time; well-defined organizational structure
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Calling All Social Entrepreneurs and Change Makers! Application for the 2020 Rise Inc. Program is open!

Apply now and be among selected social enterprises that get valuable assistance in business and financial via workshop, mentoring, special master class and access to potential funding.

Program fee : IDR 5.000.000

Registration is free

The fee is paid only when the participants are selected



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