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Bintang Sejahtera is a social enterprise on waste recycling, aims at conserving nature and developing local economic through waste management. We have provided jobs for local people under poverty. We are cooperating with government offices and communities to work on waste problem and poverty reduction in NTB Province. Bintang Sejahtera is founded in 2010.


  • Indonesia is facing big problem of waste and poverty. Bintang Sejahtera provides education and coaching for communities on smart waste management, as to solve waste problem and poverty reduction. We recycle > 50 tons recyclable waste each month. Over 75 community-based waste banks operate under our coaching and network. 90+ local people are employed with monthly earning above minimum wage of NTB province. Additional income for > 2000 local people from recyclable waste savings.
  • Business Indicators : Our Revenue > USD 10.000/month Profit 27-30%, 10 Permanent employees, 80+ part time workers & volunteers.

Costumer & Market Size

  • Customer : Recycling and manufacturing industries in Indonesia. One of the biggest is PT. Sumber Plastik, Tbk.
  • Market Size : Indonesia has over 892 industry which demand 1,57 million tons of raw materials supply from recyclable waste every year. Forty percent are still imported from overseas

Business Model & Revenue

  • Business Model : We process recyclable waste supply from waste banks and business through 6 steps; segregation, shredding, washing, drying and packing. Product is shipped and sold to buyer companies in East Java.
  • Revenue : Our total revenue (2010-2017) is 300.000 USD.

Competitor & Value Proposition

  • Competitor : Conventional Raw Materials Processors.
  • Value Proposition : Bintang Sejahtera is recycling company with social and environment responsibilities. Our product is processed from recyclable waste sent from communities that we have coached to operate smart waste management. We empower local people in doing actions for environment protection and creating sustainable living.

Selected Partners & Clients

  • PT. Sumber Plastik
  • Government of NTB Province


  • ¬†Syawaludin, SE, 35 : Economic Management (HRD)
  • Febriarti Khairunnisa, SPd, 33 : English Education
  • Ismail, SP, 29 : Agriculture



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