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Amount of waste reduced &number of farmers we help.

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For single-use plastics, and creating collaborative plastic awareness movement. Evo & Co. heads multiple brands, which are Evoware, Evoworld and Rethink Campaign.

Evoware is a social enterprise that promotes sustainability by providing plasticfree alternatives that are made of seaweed. Evoware’s mission is to innovate more biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic products using seaweed and increase the livelihood of seaweed farmers in Indonesia.

Evoworld aim to promote sustainable consumption by giving ecolution (eco-solution) to bridge the needs between producers and consumers in distributing products sustainably. Evoworld provides a wide range alternatives to single-use plastic items, from biodegradable, compostable, to edible.

Rethink is a collaborative campaign initiated by Evo & Co. and Campaign.com. Rethink is targeting people to evaluate their habits in terms of their consumption and ask them to live more sustainably.

Evo & Co. aims to create a world without plastic waste by providing and innovating solutions


  • PROBLEM AND SOLUTION: We created packaging based seaweed to reduce plastic waste
  • IMPACT INDICATORS: Amount of waste reduced & number of farmers we help
  • BUSINESS INDICATORS: Targeted sales achieved Business Indicators to date.


  • CUSTOMER: Advocate, early adopter, and businesses.
  • MARKET SIZE: Global market size per sector (food packaging 51%, non food packaging 49%)


  • BUSINESS MODEL: Business to business
  • REVENUE: From product sales and service through The Campaign


  • COMPETITOR: In the bioplastic market, tapioca/cassava is still can be the option for replacing plastics. However, seaweed is still no 1 best and sustainable raw material to create packaging.Currently, Evo&Co competitors are Avani and Affinity. Comparing with other brands, Evo&Co products have more competitive price. Basically Avani and Affinity are also distributors (they arenot producers). What make us competitive is our Rethink Campaign where we offer to customers to make the eco-friendly programs as bundling of our products. Other brands don’t have this. The Campaign is also become our service revenue.

We have no direct competitor since there is no edible cup &
packaging from seaweed raw material in the market. Our
indirect competitor is conventional disposable cup & flexible packaging producers


Evoware uses seaweed as raw materials for edible cup &
packaging. Value preposition: packaging functions as tasty
and healthy foods (cost aspect), practical, unique, no waste
management costs and efforts. The product patent has been


  • Rise Inc.
  • Crunzcone


David Christian – Chief Executive Officer

  1.     Head of Micro Business and Creative Industry in HIPPI chapter Central Jakarta
  2.     Head of Natural Resources, Energy & Environment in Indonesian Young Entrepreneur Association chapter          West Jakarta

Gusti Indra – Chief Operating Officer

  1.     +10 years of experience in sales
  2.     +5 years of experience in leading start up tech companies as CEO and COO

Edwin Aldrin – Strategic Finance

  1.       Founding Partner for a social impact advisory, Empasson
  2.     Vice President of Business and Investment in Capsquare Asia, a Hongkong private equity

Sizigia Pikhansa – Chief Marketing Officer

  1.       Previous career as Communication Manager at Leafplus
  2.     Bachelor of Communication Science in University of Indonesia

Surya Sjukri – Research and Business Development

  1.       Founder of Tujju Biotech Startup
  2.     Inventor of Microbiology Packaging

William Gondokusumo – Partnerships

  1.       Founder of campaign.com
  2.     Indonesia-based social and tech entrepreneur

Simon Davis – Research Development

  1.       Founder of Seadling Biotech Startup
  2.     +10 years of experience in health care and marine science

Gunawan S. – Legal Advisor

  1.       IP protection, B2B legal
  2.     Co-founder of Suryomurcito and Co law firm




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