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“..things are never as complicated as they seem. It is only our arrogance that prompts us to find unnecessarily complicated answers to simple problems.”

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Habibi Garden is a crowd-investing platform that connects small-scale agriculturists with socially responsible investors. In return, investors will get interest return in every harvesting period when the farmers have sold their product.

First of all, we are targeting small-scale community based agriculturist who are not bankable. What we mean by agriculturist as our beneficiaries here is not only farmers, but also includes fishermen and livestock farmers. In Indonesia, those small-scale agriculturist (<0.5ha) are those who lives in poverty line. Even though, as an agrarian country Indonesia offers huge opportunity in Agriculture sector, yet millions of them are unable to tap the opportunities because of the lack of access to financial resources. We try to solve their financial problem by connecting them to socially responsible investors through our platform.

Our social mission is to make those small-scale agriculturists get loan from the bank (bankable). We make 4 stages in categorizing our beneficiaries, where by finishing and fulfilling the requirements at the last stage, they will become bankable. Through these four stages we prepare our beneficiaries to become more bankable in each stages, and give them incentives to fulfilling every stages’ requirement to proceed to the next stage. We hope every beneficiary will successfully finish our program in 2 years.

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