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Heart of Spora has been started by a local youth community whose aim has been to support the development of local creative industries, and thus community empowerment, in the Grenggeng Village, Central Java. Heart of Spora assists local craftsmen with the design, quality check and marketing of their products; a business model has been designed to generate profits that would further benefit the community as well as the enterprise.

The first part of the enterprise’s activities is buying complongs made by craftsmen at a fair price. Lumbung Complong is a cooperative established to fight the loan sharks who use unfair methods of trading. The second part is expanding the market share of the products. At present, Heart of Spora sells at least 300 products per month (for the period of January to March 2016). The third part is creating new local jobs; the current target is to triple craftsmen’s income and to provide at least 50 new job opportunities annually.


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