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PT. Tinamitra Mandiri founded in 2010. Tinamitra Mandiri is focusing on sustainable development for better life.TM shared its vision to become a leading provider of clean energy and major player in alternative energy resources management as well as pioneer for sustainable inclusive economies. The group address energy, economic, and environmental issues as one inter-related ecosystem. In Komodo National Park areas, Tinamitra Mandiri founded Komodo Wai / Komodo Water, a water company providing drinking water to more than 2,000 people in surrounding islands due to lack of access to clean drinking water there.


Komodo Island is famous with its amazing natural resources and its komodo dragon. However, due to its dry climate, people around Komodo National Park Area in East Nusa Tenggara faced severe water problem for years. The only available water source is brackish water from local well, Fresh water available only at the nearest port of Labuan Bajo, 2-hour travel by boat, where they have to buy the water. Thus, water becomes costly and scarce. In 2011, Komodo WAI was established and together with the community Komodo WAI started to build clean water stations to provide local water supply. The intake was obtained from brackish water well, which was then purified using reverse osmosis technology, to meet the standard of water safe for drinking. The water was then distributed through gallon size jerry can. On the first phase, distribution is focused on Papagarang Island, where Komodo WAI water treatment is located. Currently we have served 7 villages in Komodo Islands, covering Papagarang (345 household), Mesa (450), Warloka (325), Komodo (500), Rinca (300), Soknar (80), Lente Golohmori (700), and Kukusan (80).


2011: LQRA and British Council – E-Idea Competition (2011), Arthur Guiness Fund and British Council – Community Entrepreneur Chalenge Wave II. 2012: Make a Difference Award 2012 dari Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture (2012), KAIST Green Business Contest dari KAIST University. 2016: Shana Fatina was awarded as one of “15 Perempuan Wirausaha Sosial: Menginspirasi Indonesia” by Oxfam. 2017: Together with Panasonic Cooperation, distributed solar lanterns for beneficiaries in several villages in Komodo Island.

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