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Cow farmers in Lembang

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YOURGOOD is a social enterprise created in 2014 that sells a fresh tasty and quality range of products ( yogurts & smoothies) while improving the life of their farmers by increasing their incomes and their knowledge. With a philosophy of giving benefits in each part of its chain, Your good uses the concept of sociopreneur by empowering the local farmers through purchasing milk straight from them with higher price. Yourgood also empowers the wives of the farmers by providing trainings and giving more knowledge related to the manufacturing process of Yourgood. Your good always maintains their commitment to use high quality, local and chemical-free raw materials. Thanks to their different tastes and topics (melon, grape, mocha, strawberry, green tea…) , they adapt their range of products to their customers. Everyone can choose his own Yourgood!


For more information visit the enterprise’s Instagram account: @yourgood_

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