ASIC: Creating Solution of Sustainable Living in Asia

Data from the United Nations (UN) shows 60% of the population in Asia-Pacific has experienced living in urban area. The development of urban life in the last two decades will have a great impact on the sustainability of the planet. A number of countries like Singapore, China, South Korea, and Japan have come through massive urbanization. Economics, education, technology, and innovation in those countries are developing very rapidly and improving the standard of living of urban society. These economic developments have not been fully supported by the quality of sustainable living.

The consumption patterns and lifestyles of this urban society bring some problems. The income gap, pollution exposure, deforestation, waste production, disasters, climate change, and other environmental problems are increasing significantly. Based on UN reports, cities occupy only 3 percent of the world’s land but consume 75 percent of all natural resources, produce 50 percent of all waste and are responsible for 60 to 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Instellar as one of purpose-driven companies, supporting social enterprises to grow their businesses and boost their impact, is initiating the Asia Social Innovation Center (ASIC), as a forum where social innovators can share experiences, get connected and engage with participants with the same purpose, find new ideas and insights through the discussions, workshop, and get opportunities to collaborate with regional stakeholders.

“ASIC is a forum for showcasing, sharing, and shaping innovative practices to address social and environmental challenges of our time. Let’s make use of these wonderful opportunities to share aspirations, connections and even collaborations for the betterment of our environment and communities in Asia.” Romy Cahyadi, CEO of Instellar.

The event was held for two days, Thursday – Friday, 1-2 November 2018, presenting non-governmental organizations (NGOs), companies, and social enterprises who have not only conducted businesses but also provided solutions, and created opportunities for active collaborations across stakeholders of social innovation in Asia. Located at Harris Hotel, Sunset Road, Bali, Indonesia, the agenda will feature discussions on Sustainable Living, Circular Economy, Sustainable Energy, and the emerging movement of B Corp by speakers from Indonesia and Asia.

ASIC presented insightful speakers such as Rizal Malik, Chief Executive Officer of WWF Indonesia, Kyle Parsons, Founder & President of Indosole, Karyanto Wibowo, Sustainability Development Director of Danone Aqua, Refi Kunaefi, Project Development Director of Akuo Energy Indonesia, Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, Chief Marketing Officer of Mycotech and many more.

ASIC also featured the demo day of Rise Inc. alumni program. 23 social enterprises had completed a 6-month program of Rise Inc. cohort 5. Now, Instellar provides a forum for selected 10 social enterprises from cohort 5 to introduce their businesses as well as their social impacts.

 Apart from the panel discussion sessions, ASIC presented The Unconference. on the second day with the theme of Sustainable Living, such as green living, women, technology, and impact investment.  Located in KE{M}BALI Innovation Hub, the second day of ASIC is culminated by ecotourism activities, feeling and understanding Bali’s cultural heritage as it has evolved over thousands of years. By presenting this event, the expectation is to encourage everyone to take courageous steps in coming up with innovative and sustainable business ideas to improve the world.